We sell firepower and advanced technology for your armies. Wide range and the highest quality of our products in conjunction with affordable prices, will allow you to obtain the necessary advantage on the battlefield.

All weapons and warriors are thoroughly tested and trained. In our barracks reign concentration and discipline, the air is filled with the anticipation of future battles. Priests uplift prayers to gods of war and burn up fire of violence in the hearts of soldiers. Through the clouds of steam and roar of foundry the deadly weapons of war continuously are rolled out. Armies are waiting for their generals.

The troops are moved from the center of the Russian Empire on heavily armored war trains which race and carry entire armies to the battlefields.

For now we provide with our supplies all the opposing factions. Countless wars in many worlds are waged by our weapons, and the day is approaching when the winners will be defined. Such dignitaries as you need to understand that the market will take the winning side and will satisfy the winers demands.

Influence the destinies of the universes by your orders!

Latest News

New positions! 12/10/2017
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There are new positions on our website! Commander Adept Nemo Thagrosh the Messiah Hellbrute Dark Vengence C’tan Shard of The Nightbringer Lictor Techmarine with Servitors Primaris Intercessors Space Marines Varro Tigurius Chaos Dwarf... Read More

New positions+ photos update!
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Ladies and Gentlemen! We present our two new categories: the Bases and the Terrain & Scenery. But they are still young and very small, and with our and most importantly with your efforts will grow... Read More