Everyone has their own concept of quality. For someone enough to figure vaguely resembled a human. Someone it is important that all the trunks were drilled.  For us, this is primarily the lack of flaw and the maximum compliance with the original. Especially for the difference of our works from other production we introduced the concept of Pro’cast. What is that? This is a used miniature, processed and restored by our experts. Buying from us a miniature, you will have to glue! Details about the process of working on a miniature can be found here. In this way we try to satisfy any customer’s requests. Even the most demanding.

Quality is better than the original

How can it be? Very simply — we don’t seek to fill up our clients with a heap of curve and cheap miniatures. Each miniature in our company carefully processed.

We straighten staffs and a spears, we cover cracks, we adjust details to each other. We aspire that process of assembly of miniatures caused only positive emotions in you.

Steadily high quality

On our production the firm quality standards are introduced. They don’t depend neither on weather, nor on flashes on the sun or a moon phase in any way. Buying our miniatures at any time of day and night, you receive what you want. Always.

High detail

Besides preservation of heritage and protection of miniatures against oblivion, the majority of our miniatures was selected  because of their high texture and abundance of fine details. Such models even unpainted perfectly looks on any shelf. It is pleasant to ourselves to admire similar works of art. Now such opportunity is and at you.


As a rule, most manufacturers use two materials in their work. Rose’s alloy  and derivatives thereof, epoxy resins, or hard-plastic .

In our work of restorers we use expensive high-quality materials that contribute to the accurate transfer of fine detail of any figure. The material of miniatures is absolutely safe for people, although we do not recommend it. In fact, it is the same polyurethane resin, which is used for the production of miniatures, but has a number of advantages:

  • Minimum shrinkage. On each 1 mm shrinkage makes 0,0065 mm. It is especially actual at production of big and difficult miniatures and vehicle where the difference in sizes can pour out in a distortion and cracks.
  • lack of a smell. Of course for the consumer it not such important detail (after all the figure smell disappears sooner or later), but for our technical department it is huge plus — to work without gas mask.
  • Ease of processing. Ready material can be cut, sawn, drilled, grind and polish easily. It doesn’t crumble, doesn’t last, isn’t stratified. Sticks together with any super glue and it is also primed and painted without any problems.

As well as with any resin, it is necessary to remember that when you drill or grind, material can be warmed to such an extent (50 °C) that will start getting out of the shape, to be deformed. Be more attentive.


Restavration of miniatures is difficult, but fascinating process. In principle, any thematic resource will give you a complete idea of molding methods in pictures and video therefore we won’t go deep into technical nuances. In principle, any thematic resource will give you a complete idea of the methods of restoration in pictures and videos, so we will not delve into the technical nuances.


Our personnel it first of all enthusiasts, experts with long-term experience of molding, modellers and simply fans of war games. Many of them worked at the enterprises of the aviation industry, in the military sphere, or came from jeweler branch, therefore strict discipline and responsibility for the work are in their blood.

Strict control

Our products pass strict control before go to the consumer. We consider inadmissible to let out production having “insignificant flaw” even if on “the invisible side”. Modern technologies allow to achieve the maximum quality, the maximum compliance of the copy to the original, it is only necessary to approach business with responsibility.


Many manufacturers do not seek to match copies of the original, focusing on mass production and low cost of raw materials. Sometimes the original itself is not inherently “ideal”. In the process of our work, such defects as bubbles, deformation, displacement accumulate and as a result, the consumer receives “not quite what”, he saw in the picture. The essence of the preprocessing is just to bring the master model to the ” ideal state»


Long and thin parts from resin, plastic and even metal have tendency to break. Especially it is true at active usage of miniatures (gaming, transportation). Most of players in such cases drill tiny holes in swords and spears, paste thin needles or wires. It can be avoided, having simply put a steel rod in a matrix before filling. We assure you, to us it isn’t difficult at all. And yes, in fact, you receive composite material.

Additional service

Also, our company provides an additional service for processing and preparation for painting your miniatures. For any questions, please contact us by mail: blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com

Defects and flaws

We understand usual production of others as flaw foundry, and sometimes even official producers (for example, failcast). Defects shares on two categories: evident defects and hidden defects. We have no defected products at all.

  • First, the process is debugged as watches and does not issue flaws.
  • Secondly, if the machine suddenly issued defected product, vigilant and watchful “EYE” of quality control won’t pass it.
  • Thirdly, requirements to quality of production at us are very high.

We have no defected products, but others have it and it needs to be distinguished. Let’s sort concepts, the reasons and consequences of this phenomenon.



At your gallant hero ultramarine warts and blisters got out, and he became similar to the grandfather Nurgl’s demon? These are BUBBLES.

In the process of hardening of molding plastic in a miniature there can be vials of air. Such bubbles often rise to form top, accumulate in bottlenecks, cling to a textured surface. the miniature as a result not only loses some fragments of a detail, but also takes a form of Swiss cheese.

Incomplete filling

It is NURGL too. Only very decayed. If you see on your miniature such thing— it is the INCOMPLETE FILLING.

If when hardening vials of air accumulated very much, the soldier as a result can miss a hand or even the head. By sculpting you won’t correct such defect.

Shift of a form

The miniature looks as though it was tried to be cloned, but in the middle of process somebody changed their mind? This SHIFT of the FORM.

Casting molds of soldier consist of two halves. If these halves are connected not well or were displaced when filling, the soldier`s forward half may not coincide with the back. And on each side may be tipical “step”.


The soldier had an unknown aura from plastic? It is TAIL.

If the two halves of the mold are connected loosely, the gap between them becomes numb resin. Thin spew can easily be cut off by a knife. But if burr rather thick, there is a problem of discrepancy of a lobby and a back half and an excess thickening of a miniature.


The fragile ballerina in prompt dance started tending to the earth? The barrel of the tank allows to shoot from round the corner? The valorous knight and his charging war horse decided to lie down? It is DEFORMATION.

If the form during filling was bent, or the miniature was taken still “half-baked”, thin and long parts will be bent. Such defect can be corrected, having plunged for a couple of minutes in boiled water (or having been heated by a hair dryer). Because of temperature, resin will be softened and it can be bent back.

Incomplete polymerization

Claws of adamantium is BROKEN? Or became tentacles. It is INCOMPLETE POLYMERIZATION.

Not all plastic hardened and already will never harden. The miniature is soft, sticky, or very fragile also crumbles. Color of material is uneven and on a surface a whitish scurf.


Your heroic commander of army has no head, or the Titan has no foot? It is SHORTAGE. It doesn’t matter, they can battle and so. But it is bad and short. At once write us if such suddenly happened with you.

Hidden bubbles

Your miniature, flying from top of Burj Khalifa, broke leg after falling? Know — these are the HIDDEN BUBBLES!

These are very cunning small bubbles which didn’t manage to emerge on a surface. At first sight you won’t make out such defect. Only during the work with miniature, parts can break exactly in these spots. On a break these bubbles just will also be visible. And still they can be detacted if to bring model to a bright lamp.




You can trust us. If you find yourself in trouble, we will not abandon you, we will refund the lost parcel, will send the missing parts, all at our expense. Feel free to make your purchase.

All prices are actual

The prices specified on our site are always valid.

Always available

All goods in the catalog are available. We decided not to delude our customers by showing them not available positions.


For your purchases we use high-quality packing. As a result you receive reliable protection of the orders.


We won’t give data of our clients to anybody. We won’t show and won’t tell. The department of marketing guard this information very much, you can be sure.

Replacement of defected products

We do everything possible that there was no flaws but if for any reason you found defect in our product, urgently report to us about it. After establishment of the flaw fact, the blackmarketminiatures online store will send to you at own expense a miniature and will provide a discount for the following purchase as compensation for the brought inconveniences.

Compensation of the parcel lost by a carrier

In case of loss of a parcel because of a carrier we compensate loss at our expense.