Breaking news !!!

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  Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.  Recently, we began to receive complaints that some payments could not be processed by the banks of either the buyer or the store, and asked our acquirer to change our bank. This is not an … Read More

Update 11/03/2021!

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. On this beautiful day, we have some news for you: 1) A few days ago, Facebook closed our page at the request of GW. They found fault with some picture. We weren’t asked, of course. About … Read More

Update 01/03/2021!

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    Friends! We haven’t posted updates for a long time, but there’s a reason for that. For two months, we have worked hard to please you with exceptionally high-quality products. Your patience will be rewarded and in the next … Read More

Happy New Year!

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     On this wonderful day, December 31, we want to sum up the results of the past year and share our plans for the future. It’s been a very tough year for all of us. The coronavirus, the unstable … Read More

Update 07/12/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen. We are happy to present the latest update of the range this year and have prepared a lot of delicious things for you: the Rarest, limited and already discontinued miniatures: Etherial Tau, Tech-Priest Grombrindal, Space Marine … Read More

Black Friday!

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Ladies and gentlemen. Breaking news! Due to numerous requests from customers, we decided to organize our own Black Friday! You can buy all Black Market Miniatures products with an incredible 15% discount!!! The promotion will be start… the promotion has … Read More

Update 23/11/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen. It’s a new week and a new update! Here are rare miniatures of Space Marines, Mortarion, Rare orcs boyz!, Sisters of the Battle, Night Goblins, and a Trojan, that we have restored to its original appearance. … Read More

Update 18/11/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen. We continue the glorious tradition of weekly product updates! Starting today and continuing every Monday, we will delight you with new limited-edition, rare and discontinued miniatures! So, in this update you will find the Grey Knights, … Read More

Update 22/09/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen. In our next update, you will see a unique Necron Immortal in the scale of 54 mm from our partner and friend – ninthSCV.  In this extremely detailed miniature, he put a lot of moral and … Read More

Update 13/09/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to present you our next update. Astrologers announce the week of the BlackStone Fortress!   1 Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger (Blackstone Fortress) 2 Aradia Madellan, Primaris Psyker (Blackstone Fortress) 3 Chaos Beastmen*2 (Blackstone … Read More

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