Update 28/02/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen. We are glad to introduce you to the next update. In it you will find a lot of rare and just very interesting items Astra Militarium, Inquisition, Space Marines and much more.. 1 Assassin Mercenaries 2 … Read More

Update 08/01/2020!

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Ladies and gentlemen. We congratulate you on the beginning of the New year and hurry to share new items presented in our store! Your attention will appear unbending servants of the Emperor and just cool girls-Sisters of Battle! This and … Read More

Happy New Year!

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We congratulate you all with a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! And in honor of the holidays we will give you a 15% discount on all items in our store! Attention – Promotion is valid from 31 December until … Read More

Update 01/12/2019!

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Ladies and gentlemen.  This time you will find an update Death Korps of Krieg, update for genestealers troops(by popular request of our customers), the Empire, the Lord of the Rings and much more… 1 Captain of The Empire with Hammer … Read More

11.11 Sale!

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Greetings our dear friends and partners! Only one night a year you can get our products with an enormous 25% discount !!! The promotion will begin on November 11 at 20.00 and ends of November 12 at 08.00 Pacific time … Read More

Update 04/11/2019!

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Ladies and gentlemen. We are happy to congratulate everyone on the next update. This time you are waiting for seductive girls from the Kingdom of Death and harsh warriors from Mordia. Well, the icing on the cake is the Wet … Read More

Global Update! 22/10/2019

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Ladies and gentlemen. Today we have an unusual update. Among other things, we bring to your attention two completely new universes: Creature Caster and Human Interface! The first will introduce you to the wonderful miniatures of large-format demons, and the … Read More

Sale 20/09/2019!!!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen. WE DID IT!!! With our latest update we have passed the milestone of 1000 positions!!! This is a small step for our Eastern friends), but a huge step for us!. In honor of such a wonderful … Read More

Update 07/07/2019!

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Ladies and gentlemen. Our vacation time is over and we are with renewed vigor took up the catch-up). We present to your attention the Elysian airborne troops! These brave boys fearlessly landing on the heads of the enemies of the … Read More

Global Update! 19/04/2019

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Ladies and gentlemens!. We haven’t done an update in a while. But we assure you, there were reasons for that. We have work-hard for Spartan and Salamander for a very long time to ensure that they fully meet our quality … Read More

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