New 10/03/2018

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Ladies and gentlemen! We present to your attention the experimental section Conversion&Ideas! Feel free to discuss and suggest your ideas. Absolutely all proposals will be considered. And also we present you our next update: Knight Model DeadPool (OOP) Knight Model … Read More

He’s back!

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It was a long time before we were able to reconstruct this tank. But we have coped with all the difficulties and are now proud to present our guest to the General public. Meet – The Legendary Leman Russ! Leman … Read More

New miniatures photography!

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Lady and gentlemen, there are new miniatures photography on our website! 25th Anniversary Space Marine Angron Choosen Hive guard King Pinup Easter Twilight Knight Vulture Demon White knight heavy

New positions! 01/04/2018

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There are new positions on our website! Cryx Withershadow Combine Cryx Scrap Thrall C’Tan Kranon the Relentless Dark Vengeance The Chimera Sophet Drahas The King Of Ashes Mounted Standard-bearer Demon Tower Mandigorn The Warriors of Stone Master of Carnage 1 … Read More

Happy New Year!

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We congratulate you all with a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! And in honor of the holidays we will give you a 30% discount on all items in our store! Attention – Promotion is valid from 25 December until … Read More

New positions! 12/10/2017

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There are new positions on our website! Commander Adept Nemo Thagrosh the Messiah Hellbrute Dark Vengence C’tan Shard of The Nightbringer Lictor Techmarine with Servitors Primaris Intercessors Space Marines Varro Tigurius Chaos Dwarf Hellsmith (Limited edition Games Day 2011) Dark … Read More

New positions+ photos update!

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Ladies and Gentlemen! We present our two new categories: the Bases and the Terrain & Scenery. But they are still young and very small, and with our and most importantly with your efforts will grow and strengthen. We present to your attention … Read More

Black Friday!

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Ladies and Gentlmen! Only during this day you can buy all Blackmarketminiatures products an incredible 40% discount !!! The promotion will begin on November 24 at 00.00 and ends of November 24 at 24.00 Pacific time (UTC -7). Hurry to get … Read More

New positions! 11/23/2017

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There are new positions on our website! Chaos Space Marine Lord 2004 Sister of Battle Canoness Grey Knight Inquisitor with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol Witch Hunter Acolyte Battle Sister with Heavy Bolter Preacher with Chainsword Cadian with Plasma Gun … Read More

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