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Post in defense of IntellectMoney!

*This post is written by us in connection with some degree of distrust of our current acquirer.


Our dear customers. A month ago, we evolved. Outwardly it is not very noticeable, but inside everything has changed: a new secure server, new security protocols, the latest software updates. This is a fundamentally different level of quality. In particular, we replaced the acquirer. Cooperation with the PayPal was very difficult and nervous. It’s no secret that PayPal, almost being a monopolist in the field of transcontinental acquiring, is extremely tough and aggressive policy of interaction with sellers. For two and a half years work PayPal three times without explanations causes and proceedings(Yes! PayPal can! So it is written in the policy of interaction) completely blocked our accounts and delayed large sums of money for six months. Every time for us it was a big blow to the business, but we continued to fulfill our obligations to customers. Once the business was on the verge of closing. From all this, we concluded that PayPal company may be good, but it is almost impossible to conduct our business with it. And we began to look for another acquirer that meets our requirements. Almost 4 months we analyzed the reputation, reliability, ability to work with the whole world(this is not everyone can do), efficiency, customer service and many other indicators. And chose IntellectMoney. Many have already appreciated our new system, but some are a little scary. We’re not saying he’s the best. Such acquirers simply do not exist). But for our purposes at the moment it is ideal. 9 years in the market, excellent reputation(Has Markswebb Rank & Report quality mark and received a bronze medal in the Russian segment), protected. In addition to direct payment by credit card, it is possible to create a personal account and manage finances from there(for example, to pay for the order in part, several times with different cards, or you accidentally paid twice the same product, the balance is transferred to the change and you can withdraw it back). Especially for the citizens of America installed a terminal without 3ds (this is such a tricky American system;)). Who cares, this is the official page IntellectMoney: https://www.intellectmoney.ru/ru/about/info/. We are constantly developing and eventually try to establish cooperation with other acquiring, popular in other countries(2Checkout, Payoneer and others), but it is a very complex and time-consuming process.We do not doubt our choice. Believe us)

With respect your Mr. Smuggler

Attention of our American friends)*

If your Bank is Bank of America, or Capital one, you may face a refusal to pay if it goes to Russia.(the reason for this was the friendly relations of our countries in recent years:)). In this case, you may need to call the Bank and confirm that you are not a Communist and you are not hacked by evil Russian hackers)