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Breaking news !!!

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A week ago, PayPal banned the ability to withdraw money in Russia which froze all sellers’ money in their accounts. Three days ago, Visa and Mastercard restricted international transfers with Russia. Now, our customers will not be able to pay for goods in our store. But we are not discouraged. In the context of this news, we would like to share with you our thoughts and plans for the future.

    Firstly, we continue to work on your already paid orders and are shipping all completed orders daily. We will continue to do so, up to the complete closure of all orders. You can be sure of that. And if you are in doubt, ask about our reliable reputation on review sites. In a sense, we ask our first-time customers to take a leap of faith, but this is how trust is gained.

    Secondly, we will continue to increase our range of products. At the end of February, we planned to make a big update for 128 new products but decided to wait because of the current situation. Now there are 152 new products available. Among them there are the Imperial Chaos Dragon, Marienburg LandShip, Hierodules, Earthshaker Cannon/Hydra Flak/Manticore Missile Platforms, Imperial Navy Vulture Gunship, Cursed City, Adeptus Titanicus, and many limited miniatures such as Anasta Malkorion Vampire Lord, Da Red Gobbo and Bounca, Holga Clovernhorn, Primaris Captain (Imperium Magazine Issue 5 Limited Edition), Space Marine with Plasma Pistol and Powerfist (Webstore Exclusive 2014) among others. As promised, we are very engaged in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and prepared a big update of Empire, Dwarves, Orcs, and Bretonnians.

We do not think that the current situation will mean great delays, but we plan to spend this time effectively to provide 150% the benefit. We will add to our collection Squats, a large number of the Legion of the Damned, some interesting and unique characters from Starterboxes, Lord of the Rings characters, Skinks, Old ForgeWorld drop pods, Iron Hands and Blood Angels, Mars pattern Baneblade and everything else that we have time to do. In all likelihood this will be the biggest product update in our entire history!

Accordingly, we continue to communicate with our partners and friends about new partnerships and wanted products.

    Third,we will take advantage of the temporary lull and improve the site a little. Thanks to our friends and partners, we have already adapted the translation of some pages a bit better (Google Translate still isn’t perfect at translating from Russian to English). Next, we plan to add a wishlist and optimise the navigation and operation of the site.

    Fourth,there are several ways out of the current payment situation:

  1. Our acquirer is currently working on integration with the UnionPay system.  As soon as he connects it, it will be possible to make a virtual card for purchase and buy.
  2. Payment systems and banks will sooner or later agree with each other and everything will be as before, because this is a business.
  3. Transactions will pass through the gateway of another, non-sanctioned country. But this takes time.

You might ask yourself ‘why did we write all this?’ The answer is simple: we invest an enormous amount of our time and effort in the further development of the hobby movement around the world because we are confident of success. We are confident that this horror of fratricidal war will stop, and that the world will return to balance and normality. And if there are two options for us – to sit, cry and feel sorry for ourselves, or to grit our teeth and move forward, we will always choose the latter.

Thank you for being with us.

With respect, your Mr. Smuggler.

PS №1. We plan to ship all paid orders within a month, but if you are interested in the status of your order, please send us an email blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com.

PS №2. As soon as there is information about the resumption of payments, and some more information on the situation, we will let you know right away.



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