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Global Update! 22/10/2019

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Ladies and gentlemen. Today we have an unusual update. Among other things, we bring to your attention two completely new universes: Creature Caster and Human Interface! The first will introduce you to the wonderful miniatures of large-format demons, and the second with just gorgeous and limited cyber-punk miniatures that can easily compete with any miniature of the Infinity universe. Watch and enjoy!

1 AI Human Hybrid First Form
2 AI Human Hybrid Second Form
3 AI Human Hybrid Third Enhanged Form
4 Astra Militarium Crew
5 BSC Bonnie ‘Ginger’ Barlett
6 BSC ExoSkeleton ‘Flash’
7 BSC Heavy Exo Skeleton Banshee
8 BSC Team LMG Operator ‘Rocco’
9 BSC Team Major ‘Zack’
10 BSC Team Operator ‘Akira’
11 BSC Team Operator ‘The Sin’
12 BSC Team The Snake Queen
13 Cities of Death Booby Traps
14 Cyborg Hunter
15 Forgeworld Gryphonne IV Vanquisher Turret
16 Forgeworld Imperial Land Mines
17 Lady of Corruption
18 Lady of Depravity
19 Lady of Strife
20 Lord of Lust (Titan Forge)
21 Masamune Drones*5
22 Motoshige Drones*5
23 Muramasa Drones*5
24 Nacamura Squad Lupu Reck
25 Nacamura Squad Marcus Hoffman
26 Nacamura Squad Tetsuo Kenji
27 Nacamura Squad Werner Kube
28 Nacamura Squad Yukio Nakamura
29 Nakamura Ai Avatar
30 Necron Destoyer 1997 (Old and Rare)
31 Partrick ‘The Hound’ Murphy (Kickstarter Exclusives)
32 RAID44 Lt. Justine Clevel
33 RAID44 Officer Guttierez
34 RAID44 Officier Chris ‘The Rush’ Cooper (Kickstarter Exclusives)
35 RAID44 Paul ‘Old One’ Kosinsky
36 RAID44 Police Team
37 SAR Angels Corp  Laura Bassetti
38 SAR Angels Corp Doctor Monica
39 SAR Angels Corp Eva Morales
40 SAR Angels Corp Janet Elroy
41 SAR Angels Corp Shirley ‘Crazy’ Stone
42 Shoko 2.0 (Kickstarter Exclusives)
43 Sister Repentium with Big Chainsaw-Sword
44 Sister Repentium with Chainsaw-Sword
45 Sylvia ‘Dummy’ Alvarez
46 Tallarn Desert Raiders Mortar Team
47 Ubermensch Gang Harvey Scott
48 Ubermensch Gang Oneda Sisters (Kickstarter Exclusives)
49 Ubermensch Gang Shoko Takayama
50 Ubermensch Gang Tomo Kosuda

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