» » History №2. About how Mr.Smuggler “healed” the Necromancer Boss.

History №2. About how Mr.Smuggler “healed” the Necromancer Boss.

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About how Mr.Smuggler “healed” the Necromancer Boss.
A small foreword. It’s no secret that we just adore Adam Poots’s products and bow our knee to his ingenuity and imagination. Special thanks to the sculptors, ready to translate any of his plans into reality. But unfortunately, not always official foundries can duplicate master-models with proper quality. To our hands, we have got Necromancer Boss kindly borrowed from our partner (Aaron – respect!). Here in this form he came to us (for better quality, click on the picture):

20170727-DSC_8505 20170727-DSC_8506_1
20170727-DSC_8508 20170727-DSC_8509


Our surprise was boundless. Postal services of course are not very careful, but so …!? But we are professionals and, rolling up sleeves, set to work.
The history received an interesting continuation. Literally within the next two weeks from our clients, we learn that the hood and pieces of miniature shoulder pads are damaged by similar, or similarly, in 80% of cases. Most likely in the production was a defect. The remaining damage (elements of the staff and some horns) most likely occurred through the fault of the mail. We can not argue that all 350 our miniatures have such damage, but we can’t ignore this facts.
After a long rehabilitation course and a certain amount of antidepressants consumed by our sculptors, the Necromancer acquired the following form (for better quality, click on the picture):

20170802-DSC_8534 20170802-DSC_8531
20170802-DSC_8533 20170802-DSC_8532


As you can see, all horns, a hood, elements of a staff and shoulder pads are restored. The staff is straightened. The conjugations of the parts are brought almost to the ideal. And now this ideal is matching our quality standards and we left it as a master model.
And here’s the result (for better quality, click on the picture):

20170828-DSC_8621 20170828-DSC_8648
20170828-DSC_8665 20170828-DSC_8703
20170828-DSC_8685 20170914-DSC_9619


The result satisfied all. The partner received his restored Necromancer Boss and another mountain of “сool thing” as a gift. We received a new awesome miniature in the catalog. And you will got the opportunity to acquire the “true”, the ideal Necromancer Boss in your collection!