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     These are difficult times. Everything is known in comparison. Within the framework of the current geopolitical scandals, the previous complications associated with Covid 19 no longer seem so extraordinary to us. One thing is certain. Information warfare is much more effective than it may seem at first glance. In fact, neither we nor you know exactly what is really happening and how. But we are very hurt by what we see. After all, both Russians and Ukrainians are one people and in this war each side has its own truth. But our company positions itself far from politics. Our goal is just a hobby. We will not officially take sides.
        Answering your numerous questions, we inform you that at the moment we are working normally, as before. Parcels are sent as usual, no delays are expected. There are no problems with the acquirer and payments come steadily. Our acquirer’s bank is not included in the sanctions list and accepts payments as before. It is possible that your banks have strengthened control over their overall interaction with Russia, but we do not know this for sure. As before, if you are working with us for the first time, the payment to Russia may be blocked by the bank, as fraudulent (less than 1% of cases). This is solved by your calling the bank and asking to unblock the transaction, since you are not a communist and do not sponsor the Russian mafia.
         We try to stay away from politics, but politics affects our lives. Sanctions and restrictions can certainly affect our activities. But at the moment everything is working fine. If you place an order, we can ship it. If the order is lost, we will be able to send a new one. Our reputation speaks for itself. But as an extra precaution, we temporarily “freeze” the affiliate program. Until the situation becomes more stable, we will not accept parcels with partner miniatures (except those that have already been sent), as well as send back partner miniatures to avoid their loss. Your miniatures will be with us in complete safety and we will continue to work on them all this time. But we are ready to coordinate with our partners the miniatures that they want to send to us.

                                                                     We didn’t choose this…Thanks for understanding.

     If you have any problems with payment, or any other question, then feel free to email us: blackmarketminiatures@gmail.com

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