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New miniatures + photos update!

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Ladies and gentlemen. We present to your attention new miniatures:

  1. Apothecary Corbulo
  2. Captain Cortez Crimson Fists
  3. Imperial Guard Gunnery Sergeant Harker (Alternative)
  4. Imperial Guardsmen 
  5. Space Marine Scout Sergeant 
  6. Space Marine Scouts 1998 Alternative 
  7. Survival in Leather Armor for Forge Studios
  8. Unarmored Survival 


Also we are prepared a updates of our photos.

minisphoto update

  1. Ahriman Old 1998
  2. Black Templars Emperor’s Champion Alternative
  3. Dark Elf Variant
  4. Demon Jinx
  5. Female inquisitor with Plazma Pistol
  6. Female inquisitors with Power Sword
  7. Inquisition Acolyte Priest with Plasma Pistol
  8. Inquisitor Corteauz
  9. Space Marine Scout with Needle Sniper Riffle 1998

All photos were made by blackmarketminiatures team.

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