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New positions+ photos update!

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011217-1Ladies and Gentlemen! We present our two new categories: the Bases and the Terrain & Scenery. But they are still young and very small, and with our and most importantly with your efforts will grow and strengthen.
We present to your attention new positions:

  1. Vostroyan Heads
  2. Kegs 2
  3. Stone Face Bases 4x30mm

We are prepared a updates of our photos.


  1. Calas Typhon First Captain of the Death Guard Legion
  2. Krieg Lascannon Team 3
  3. Legion Moritat with Volkite Serpenta
  4. Praetor Ultramarine
  5. Traitor Librarian In Cataphractii Terminator Armour

All photos were made by blackmarketminiatures team.