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New miniatures + photos update!

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Ladies and gentlemen. We present to your attention new miniatures:

  1. Pandora 1st edition (OOP Very Rare)
  2. Necromancer and Skeletal Familiar(Ral Partha)
  3. Dark eldar archont 2004
  4. Urueh’s Herds Scorcher

Also we are prepared a updates of our photos.


  1. Eldar Autarch
  2. Dwarf Lord of Chaos
  3. Lord of Chaos with Hammer and Axe
  4. Champion of Chaos Undivided
  5. Crom The Conqueror
  6. Cataphractii terminator armor torsos
  7. La Voyageuse
  8. Missionary for the Westerners
  9. Tsilla
  10. Westerners Arquebusers
  11. Westerners Sara Zingaresce
  12. Westerners Swashbuckler
  13. Knight Variant
  14. Necromancer Boss
  15. Twilight Order Knight

All photos were made by blackmarketminiatures team.

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