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New positions!

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Ladies and Gentlemen! We did it! We present to you the new wave of miniatures led by the Knight of the Castigators! It took a great number of days of the hard work of our adeptus mechanicus to achieve the semi-finished product, supplied by the “forge worlds”, to the ideal interface of all units and mechanisms. Now the poisonous fumes of hostile worlds will not leak through the cracks in the hull and will not poison the pilot and the ammo load mechanism will not jam at the most crucial moment. The Omnissia himself blessed this monster for good deeds!

There are new positions on our website!

  1. Dark Elf Variant
  2. Pinup Twilight Witch
  3. Knight Variant
  4. Necromancer Variant
  5. Ringtail Vixen
  6. Samurai
  7. Twilight Order Knight
  8. Belphegor (Andrea Miniatures)
  9. Archaon, The lord of End Times 2006
  10. Crom The Conqueror
  11. Chaos Spawn 2006
  12. Cerastus Knight Castigator
  13. Cataphractii terminator armor torsos
  14. Cataphractii Special weapon set
  15. Cataphractii Power axe set
  16. Cataphractii Power fists set
  17. Damned Rank and Fire_Alternative
  18. Demon Jinx
  19. La Voyageuse (Very rare)
  20. Missionary for the Westerners
  21. Tsilla
  22. Westerners Arquebusers
  23. Westerners Sara Zingaresce
  24. Westerners Swashbuckler

All photos were made by blackmarketminiatures team.