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Update 04/11/2019!

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Ladies and gentlemen. We are happy to congratulate everyone on the next update. This time you are waiting for seductive girls from the Kingdom of Death and harsh warriors from Mordia. Well, the icing on the cake is the Wet Nurse!

1 Bullet Dancer
2 Disciple Witch -Two
3 Fighter
4 Mordian Iron Guard Autocannon Team
5 Mordian Iron Guard Lieutenant
6 Mordian Iron Guard Missile Launcher Team
7 Mordian Iron Guard Sergeant #2
8 Mordian Iron Guard Set #2
9 Mordian Iron Guard with Flamer
10 Mordian Iron Guard with Meltagun
11 Pinup Lantern Festival
12 Pinup Lioness
13 Pinup Phoenix Dancer
14 Pinup Sunstalker Dancer
15 Valentine’s Day Pinup Twilight Knight 35mm
16 Valkyrie
17 Wet Nurse

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