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Update 07/07/2019!

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Ladies and gentlemen. Our vacation time is over and we are with renewed vigor took up the catch-up). We present to your attention the Elysian airborne troops! These brave boys fearlessly landing on the heads of the enemies of the Emperor on their grav-chute and sow death and destruction in the enemy camp. Also in this update you will see new miniatures of the Kingdom Death, Orcs and update packs for Necromunda.

1 Banner Set #4 (Tabletop-Art)
2 Death High – Aya
3 Death High – Enforcer
4 Death Guard Havok Squad Upgrade set
5 Eldar Dark Reapers
6 Elysian Command Squad
7 Elysian Drop Sentinel
8 Elysian Drop Troops Squad
9 Elysian Heavy Bolter Squad
10 Elysian Meltagun Squad
11 Elysian Missile Launcher Squad
12 Elysian Tauros Venator
13 Elysian Weapon Pack
14 Energy Potion Maker
15 Gorkamorka Nobz
16 Great Unclean One
17 Ork Boyz with Heavy Weapons
18 Ork DeffKopta
19 Pinup Wet Nurse
20 Pleasure Knights Shoulder Pads (Spellcrow)
21 Praetor in Cataphractii Armour (Event Only 2016 Forge World)
22 Santa Satan 54mm
23 Valentine’s Day Pinup Twilight Knight 54 mm
24 Van Saar Weapon Set 1
25 Van Saar Weapon Set 2
26 Venerable Dreadnought


P.S. In the next update,  Krieg will be return…

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