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Update 09/05/2021!

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Hello friends.

Have a good Sunday evening. We hurry to you with a heap of the hottest news and the next update of the assortment!
    • The most important news for us. We have finally fully set up the interaction between our new bank and the acquirer. And it’s just wonderful! At the moment, approximately 97-98% of all payments are completely normal. We solve the remaining payments manually, if you would be willing to pay). Our new customers are wary of acquiring Intellectmoney. We want to assure you that old customers have been working with our acquirer for two years and are satisfied. We have a lot of partners and customers from USA,UK, Australia, Canada and other countries and they are happy with our service and acquirer. In addition, we have a terminal connected without 3ds, so you can be sure of the safety of information and money.
    • We also want to warn you about the use of Paypal. We have a technical account and it periodically runs out of limits. They’re not here now. In addition, the cumulative discount does not work on paypal. Please read this: http://blackmarketminiatures.su/news/8003.html. This is an old article, but still very relevant to us.
    • Next, we actively encourage you to subscribe to our Telegram channel, the link and QR code to which are given below. This is an independent channel with our latest news and updates(as the beta version of the painting miniatures from our studio was recently posted). No one will block this channel and no one will delete it, as we recently had on Facebook with 56 thousand subscribers and before that on Instagram. In addition, Telegram is actively implementing the ability to pay through its payment bot and it is very confidential and reliable(you can read about this in the news of Telegram itself). As soon as we implement and test this service, you will be able to pay through it and several other European acquirers.
    • We are actively working not only on new positions, but also constantly in search of new solutions to improve the old ones. So, we have reworked and improved vostroyants, filters and armor for ForgeWorld Death Korps of Krieg Arkurian Pattern Superheavy Tank Upgrade, Basilisk and so on, so on, so on (we will post a few photos of working on them in next news release).
    • We are actively working to increase the assortment and do not make a difference between the smallest chaos renegade or Mastodon, but our perfectionism does not allow us to do everything badly and quickly. Sometimes the simplest task that we planned to spend a day on turns into a quest for a month and a half with the use of 3d sculptors, printers, scanners, and other things (you can read our adventure with the  Abandoned Chimera in the next news release). Therefore, we apologize to our partners that we do not always have time to meet the agreed deadline. The main thing is that we always do what we promised.
    • Finally, we present you our next update! All as usual, limited and collectible editions, rarities, discontinued and vintage miniatures for collectors).

1 Ambots
2 Bladeghiest Garkorr (500 Store Opening)
3 Blood Angels Captain Tycho
4 Blood Angels Chaplain
5 Bretonnian Lord with Lance
6 Brother Captain Thassarius (Space Marine Heroes 1, Japan Exclusive)
7 Brother Gaiun (Space Marine Heroes 1)
8 Brother Garus (Space Marine Heroes 1)
9 Brother Promethor (Space Marine Heroes 1)
10 Brother Sergeant Sevastus (Space Marine Heroes 1)
11 Brother Titus (Space Marine Heroes 1)
12 Brother Vanial (Space Marine Heroes 1)
13 Canoptek Doomstalker
14 Captain — General Trajann Valoris
15 Ceastus Assault Ram
16 Chaos Space Marine Obliterators
17 Chaos Space Marines Fabius Bile
18 Da Red Gobbo (Christmas 2019 Warhammer Legends Limited Edition)
19 Death Guard Lord Felthius
20 Death Guard Lord of Virulence
21 Death Guard Plague Marine Champion
22 Death Guard Plague Marines
23 Death Guard Tainted Cohort *3
24 Deathrattle Wight King
25 Eldar Ranger (Very Rare)
26 Eldar Scout with Laspistols 1991
27 Eldar Scout with Sniper Needle Rifle #2 1991
28 Eldar Scout with Sniper Needle Rifle #3 1991
29 Eldar Scout with Sniper Needle Rifle #5 1991
30 Eldar War Walker with Scatter Laser and Las Cannon 1993
31 Forgeworld Abandoned Chimera (Very Rare)
32 Forgeworld Chimera Autocannon Turret
33 Forgeworld Chimera Interior Detail Kit (Very Rare)
34 Forgeworld Chimera Rear Door
35 Forgeworld Sister of Battle Immolator Update Kit
36 Imperial Bombard
37 Imperial Fists Legion Command
38 Imperial Fists Templar Brethren Upgrade Set
39 Iron Hands Legion Mk III Shoulder Pads
40 Iron Hands Legion Upgrade Set — Heads
41 Lady of Chaos
42 Legion Apothecaries
43 Legion Mk III Command Squad Upgrade
44 Matriarchs of Ecstasy Feral
45 Matriarchs of Ecstasy Noble
46 Matriarchs of Ecstasy Priestess
47 Mk III Shoulder Pads – Imperial Fists
48 MK IV Dreadnought Body (Very Rare)
49 Plague Marine Icon Bearer
50 Primaris Lieutenant (500 Store Opening)
51 Queen of Ecstasy
52 Renegade Milita Artillery Crew
53 Roboute Guilimann
54 Salamanders Legion MKIII Shoulder Pads
55 Space Marine Legion Graviton Gun Set
56 Space Marine Legion Volkite Caliver Set
57 Space Marine Mk III Command Set
58 Space Marine MKIV Command Set
59 Space Marine Sergeant #1 1997
60 The Dwarf Giants – Dwarf Blood Bowl Team*6
61 The Greenfield Grasshuggers – Halfling Blood Bowl Team*3
62 The Reikland Reavers – Human Blood Bowl Team*6
63 The Scarcrag Snivellers – Goblin Blood Bowl Team*7
64 The Skavenblight Scramblers – Skaven Blood Bowl Team*6
65 Tigrus-Pattern Bolt Pistol & Packs
66 Venomcrawler
67 Vex Machinator
68 Vindicare Assassin

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