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Update 23/11/2020!

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Dear ladies and gentlemen.

It’s a new week and a new update! Here are rare miniatures of Space Marines, Mortarion, Rare orcs boyz!, Sisters of the Battle, Night Goblins, and a Trojan, that we have restored to its original appearance. This and much more is waiting for you…

1 King Louen Leoncoeur on Hippogriff Beaquis
2 Lexicanum Varus, Terminator Librarian
3 Librarian with Force Axe & Plasma Pistol
4 Lizardmen Skink Chief with Blowpipe
5 Lizardmen Skink Chief with Sword and Shield
6 Lizardmen Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek 
7 Mortarion, Daemon Primarch of Nurgle
8 Naaman, Dark Angels Veteran Sergeant
9 Night Goblin Assortie*7
10 Night Goblin Cave Squigs Assortie
11 Night Goblin Clubbers*2 1993
12 Night Goblin Fanatics*3 1993
13 Night Goblin Netters*4 1993
14 Night Goblin Shaman 1991
15 Night Goblin Squig Hunters #1 1993
16 Night Goblins Squig Hoppers Alternative
17 Night Lords Legion Nostraman Chainglaives
18 Ordo Maleus Inquisitor with Force Sword and Combi-Weapon 1989
19 Ordo Maleus Inquisitor with Psi-Cannon and Force Sword 1989
20 Ork Stormboy 1993 (White Dwarf Limited Edition)
21 Ork Stormboyz DrillBoss 1994
22 Ork Stormboyz with DrillBoss 1994
23 Ork Stormboyz*2 1994
24 Osiron Force Blade
25 Primaris Intercessor Veteran Sergeant (GW 30th Anniversary Limited Edition)
26 Radagast the Brown
27 Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour
28 Rogue Trader Inquisitor with Glove and Combi-Weapon 1989
29 Rogue Trader Inquisitor with Plasma Gun and Power Glove 1989
30 Sessairs Centaurs
31 Severina Raine
32 Sister Superior Amalia Novena
33 Sister Tariana Palos (Games Workshop Commemorative Series)
34 Trojan Support Vehicle Update Set for Chimera

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