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We have returned!

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Ladies and gentlemen. We have returned! This month was not in vain. We are changing for you: we expand and optimize production, we are looking for new partners, we are forming feedback. Only one thing remains unchanged: our quality! We added more than seventy miniatures to our collection as from the already known and popular universes Warhammer, Kingdom Death, and real rarities that nowhere else to buy: Helldorado, Avatars of War, Confrontation, LLyad. There are so many miniatures that our photographer managed to process only half. But he promised to fix it;). Welcome!
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  1. Lord of Pestilence
  2. Lord of Pestilence with Weapon and Shield
  3. Damned Ones of Gluttony
  4. Saracens Efrit Warrior
  5. Eurynome — Demon Puppetier
  6. Husaym Al Dim
  7. Kuan Yin
  8. Sha Ren Zhe
  9. Armillus Dynat
  10. Legion Primus Medicae in Cathaphractii Terminator Armour (Forge World Exclusive)
  11. Ultramarine Legions Herald (Forge World Exclusive)
  12. Autilon Skorr Consul Alpha Legion(Forge World Exclusive)
  13. Forgotten Warrior
  14. The Old Death
  15. Storm knight
  16. Sci-fi Flover Knight
  17. Nightmare Ram
  18. Nightmare Ram PinUp
  19. Percival
  20. Savior
  21. Pinup Warrior of the Sun Female
  22. Knight
  23. Disciple of the Witch — One
  24. Order Weaponsmith
  25. Champion Weaponsmith
  26. Necromancer
  27. Role survivors
  28. Man Hunter
  29. Dark Paladin
  30. Slambo
  31. Khorne chaos lord on juggernaut
  32. Nurgle beast
  33. Warhammer online Grumlok & Gazbag
  34. The Changeling
  35. Classic flamers of Tzeentch 2004
  36. Priest of sigmar with hand weapon and shield
  37. 25th Anniversary Space Marine
  38. Eldar Avatar of Khain
  39. Legion Praetor Tribune in Tartaros Terminator Armor (Forge World Exclusive)
  40. Hive guard
  41. Red terror
  42. Tyrant guard
  43. Colonel Schaeffers Last Chancers
  44. Catachan Officer with Power Sword
  45. Catachan Officer with Power First
  46. Dark Eldar Wyches 2004
  47. Dark Eldar Wyches with Shardnet & Impaler 1,2
  48. Dark Eldar Bodyguard
  49. Classic Catachan with Melta gun 1998
  50. Gladiator
  51. Male Visionary
  52. Monk
  53. Pinup Easter Twilight Knight
  54. Pinup Storm Armor
  55. Pinup Visionary
  56. Ranger
  57. LLyad Empereur Haghendorf 1er
  58. LLyad The Vorag barbarian shaman
  59. Chaos Marauder Champion
  60. Angron Primarch of the World Eaters
  61. Damned one of the Wrath
  62. Samael, Warrior Angel
  63. Black Templars the Emperor`s Champion
  64. Classic Catachan Missile launcher team 1998
  65. Classic Catachan Jungle Fighters Alternative
  66. Classic Valhallan Missile launcher team
  67. Oberst “Eisenfaust” Straken
  68. Steel Legion Lieutenant 2
  69. Classic Valhallan Ice Warriors Alternative
  70. Classic Ice Warriors Leutenant
  71. Classic Valhallan Ice Warriors with plazmagun

All photos were made by blackmarketminiatures team.