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We’re working!

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Ladies and gentlemen! Time does not stand still. We too. We are constantly improving and updating to offer you the highest quality services both in the products and the security of your data and their privacy. On December 6, we changed the old platform on which the site has been working for the last two years, to an updated one, corresponding to the latest trends in the security and anonymity of users. In addition, in compliance with the legislation of our country, we had to change the main currency of the site from dollars to rubles. We assure you that the prices remained at the same level. A little later we will add a module showing the value of positions in your national currency. Unfortunately, during the transition to the new platform, we were not able to fully save the orders and new customers registered in the period from November 5 to December 6 inclusive. We assure you that your orders are not lost, but are simply archived on an another platform. For these customers, we have an old platform where they can see the status of the order and find out the track number. You can see it at: http://old.blackmarketminiatures.ru This platform will be functional until we fully fulfill all orders and obligations, after that it will be closed. We are ready to compensate the victims with a 5% discount voucher. To do this, please email us your problem and we will try to solve it. We are sorry for the inconvinience.