Let us bring your attention to the partner programs specially developed by us for you. A lot of exclusive content, tons of promo miniatures, numerous VIP promotions, an opportunity to assist to the life and work of our organization! The programs will not only expand your opportunities for interacting with BlackMarketMiniatures, but will provide opportunities for your career and personal growth, strengthen communication with like-minded people and help find new people sharing the same interests with you. So, we begin!

If you are an artist:

You are a professional artist. It is wonderful! Go through the simple accreditation procedure on our website and you will receive 1 (one) miniature of our production of your choice every month – for free!!! In response, we are waiting for a detailed review and photos of our painted miniature.

To participate in accreditation, please drop your name, surname, e-mail address to contact you and samples of your work here

If you are private person:
Many customers ask us: “Where do you get so many rare positions ?!” Answer- “From YOU, our dear customers!”. You can help our difficult business of expanding the assortment and preserving the legacy! If you have rare, interesting, not presented in our catalogue miniatures and you are ready to share them for a while, then you are our PARTNER. The procedure is as follows. You contact us by e-mail and send us a list of the miniatures you want to share. Send to Miniatures must meet the following criteria:

1) Miniatures must be original.

2) If the miniatures are metal then it doesn’t matter they are used or new one. The only one “BUT” is, in the process of works, we remove all the paint and disassemble it for the components.

3) If the miniatures are Resin — they must be only unpainted, and disassembled.

4) The only one restriction, no hard plastic (for now).
In response, we process them, bring to an ideal in accordance with our standards and send you your miniatures + second exemplar(second exemplar and delivery at our expense ;)). But you can opt out of the second exemplar and order the other, of equal value .Thus, we get an assortment of interesting and rare positions, and you have the opportunity to improve the army, or even earn extra money by selling surplus.

Naturally, all the “promotions” associated with reposts and reviews are remain.

“Bounty hunters” will be interested in the heading Wanted . Double payment!

If you are a community/club administrator:
You have the opportunity to become our PARTNER on unique terms: Pass a simple accreditation procedure on our website and Monthly receive one coupon with a unique 10% cumulative discount for every full hundred people and one coupon at a discount in 25% for every one thousand people in your community. The number of coupons is limited only by the number of your subscribers !!! Who and how to encourage these coupons to be decided by you and only you.

There are only three entry conditions:

1) The group / community is thematically close to our activities and is engaged in the development / popularization of the theme of tabletop games.

2) The number of subscribers in the group should be more than 500 people

3) The group undertakes obligations on information support of our organisation activity on its page.

To conduct accreditation, please drop your name, e-mail address, and link to your group to this e-mail