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11 Responses

  1. Malz
    | Reply

    Malifaux- governors proxy

    I’ve ordered from their ebay and the shop, postage takes time for international deliveries, but boy is the quality amazing.

    The minis are cleaned (thanks!) And only have occasional minor defaults that are easily cleaned up.

    100% recommend as alternative.

    Order #2309

  2. Cesar Raziel Lucio
    | Reply

    Order #2402. I was looking for a kind of rare miniature from Hell Dorado, a line that has been cancelled last year. I found the miniature at Black Market Miniatures. I was not sure if buying in this store was a good idea, but the ease for navigating and the clearness of instructions convinced me. To this point, the experience has been satisfaying and, thanks to the tracking systme from the store, I’m confident my order will arrive soon, which is a real achivement, since I’m ordering from Mexico. Even big online stores have issues sending to Mexico, but the guys at Black Market Miniatures have really done a good job.

  3. #2668
    | Reply

    Pretty much what JP said, with the exception that even after some highly confusing turn of events the order was carried through flawlessly once shipped. Since it was my first order with blackmarketminiatures, I was quite nervous over initial troubles, but here I am, holding gorgeous models of Butcher and The Hand. I will certainly consider blackmarketminiatures again if I need replacements.

  4. FeedingTime
    | Reply

    Order #2952

    Ordered the DKoK commisar and quartermaster and an IG psyker.

    Everything went super smoothly, received my order after about 23 days, well packaged and with tracked postage.

    The models are near flawless, with very minimal cleanup required and crisp detail.

    Overall I am very happy with the whole process, and will be ordering again soon.

  5. k
    | Reply

    Shaetann the Immortal – great quality! Such a relief. I was anticipating shite but it’s perfect!

    Coming from Russia, I was a bit worried that I’d bought nothing but air, but this is a misconception that does no one any favours. Arrived 25 days after order placed.

    Thanks again, this is awesome!

  6. SundaySilence
    | Reply

    Ork Runtbot – Order 3070
    Perfect quality. Thank you for filling a gap in my Ork collection.

  7. Girardot Olivier
    | Reply

    J’ai acheter un Ashoka et un Zaaxan (helldorado) qui sont arriver parfaitement emballer et dans les délais annoncer .
    Je recommande ce site .
    En espérant que vous nous sortirez rapidement d’autre référence introuvable comme les damnes de la gourmandise , le grand damnes de la colère , la voyageuse première version ou encore Nasser abd er Rahman sur son tapis volant 🙂

  8. Night Drak
    | Reply

    Order #3154
    Hi everyone! i just posted my review here: https://www.reddit.com/r/yoyhammer/comments/6ezscc/review_forge_god_doctor_male_doctor_female/

    Pcis Here: http://imgur.com/a/lFM22

    Ordered 24/5/2017
    Sent 26/5/2017
    Received 3/6/2017

    I just received my first package from Black Market Miniatures. Their
    pricing seems high at first, he offers free shipping on all orders over
    50 USD and a lot of frequent buyer perks like discounts and coupons per
    review made. I must say that the shipping was kind of scary (Mexico has
    terrible post service and often “misplaces” or charges incredible “fees”
    for outside packages) but here we are, the package arrived perfectly
    without a hick and no extra VAT or fees whatsoever. Now on to the

    All of these are Kingdom Death miniatures out of print, don’t worry I
    have invested enough into KDM and limited resins from the creator
    himself that i do not fell bad that i found these models elsewhere.

    Doctor Female (10/10)
    The quality of the cast is incredible, the resin is quite strong and not
    brittle at all, even thin pieces are reproduced perfectly and the
    detail on the head and torso is superb.

    Doctor Male (10/10)
    Everything is also great, even the small fetus attached to the backpack is perfect, every detail is maintained.

    Forge God (10/10)
    This was the reason for the whole order, this mini goes at $300 usd
    retail and $500 usd from ebay re-sellers. This one was $160 and the cast
    is beyond incredible, the rings on the fingers, every nook and cranny
    and the pieces fit together amazingly well no gaps between the joins or
    pieces warped or otherwise, just perfect. He is quite heavy, i am still
    impressed by the detail, it might as well be the original at half-price.

    Final review of Black Market Miniatures – Will definitely be going
    back, the prices are high, most pieces will go close to original retail,
    but be assured that the quality is the same as the original so even if
    it is just a few bucks you are saving up, and after some purchases the
    benefits of being a frequent buyer will stack and you will find yourself
    looking at his small but quite cool catalog (i think there is an update
    soon so be prepared for his new stuff!)

  9. Matthew Devereux
    | Reply

    Ordered the dark age field medic arrived well packed and was amazing quaility standing next the original u cant really tell them apart (once painted) only wish they had the old forsaken weaponsmith available as well

  10. Kristin Darby
    | Reply

    Order #4728
    Kingdom Death Lion Knight 2nd

    WOW! First time ordering, was hesitant at first. But I must say after receiving my order (packaged very well) I will be placing more orders! Next to no flash, parts go together perfectly, and the resin feels SOLID. I give this seller an A+


  11. Dave Grimes
    | Reply

    ordered the extremely difficult to find oop Hell Dorado lizardman Kartikeya. (a true masterpiece by famous sculptor JAG). took 3 weeks to arrive from Russia (?) to Ireland but totally worth it. beautiful quality, very well packaged. price is a bit high (same as original retail) but considering the same miniature is currently 150 upwards euros on ebay (crazy), its pretty good. was a bit nervous ordering but this site is 100% real. a must for Hell Dorado collectors. highly recommended!! I just wish they had the impossible to find illyad barbarians tho!

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